Conservative Convention: Historic Significance

“Party is ready to govern,” says Lunney

OTTAWA—Nanaimo-Alberni was well-represented as nearly 3000 delegates and observers attended the historic Conservative Party convention in Montreal this weekend, and MP James Lunney said the event was a resounding success. “There was an incredible sense of unity and optimism among the delegates, attendees and Members of Parliament. The Liberals’ free ride is over; the Conservative Party is ready to govern,” said Lunney.

Convention highlights for Lunney included Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper’s speeches and seeing the party work together to bring in policy that serves the needs of Canadians. “The latest COMPAS poll, commissioned by the National Post on the eve of the convention, showed that in just over a month, Liberal support has fallen from 42 to 35 percent, with the Conservatives at 30 percent,” said Lunney. “It also indicated that most Canadians agree with Conservative policy. The work we did on the weekend builds on that. Canadians will be able to choose between the Liberal record of smoke and mirrors, self-interest and corruption and a platform of policy initiatives that will put the country back on a solid footing at home and abroad.”

Lunney said he was pleased with resolutions to affirm traditional marriage, strengthen criminal sanctions and eliminate the wasteful and ineffective gun registry. Resolutions were also approved to raise the age of sexual consent to 16 to protect teens from exploitation. Other resolutions passed specifying reduction of taxes and providing increased benefits for veterans, care givers, stay at home parents and post-secondary students.

The road ahead, Lunney stated, includes bringing the Conservative message to Canadians that have been hoodwinked by Liberal propaganda for too long. “The Liberals have tried to convince people that the Liberal party is synonymous with Canadian values,” said Lunney. “But people are beginning to see that the Liberal party is more concerned with retaining power at any cost than governing with integrity. The Conservatives are the alternative Canadians are looking for.”

Conservatives capped off the convention with a solid endorsement of Stephen Harper’s leadership, giving him an 84 percent approval rating. “The overwhelming success of our foundational policy convention has fired up the membership, and that momentum will help us build the next government,” concluded Lunney.