Committee to examine science on when life begins

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Statement: Motion 312

Committee to examine science on when life begins

OTTAWA, On:  It should surprise no one in Nanaimo-Alberni that James Lunney would be one of 91 MPs to support a prolife motion.

It has come up in every election.  I repeat that yes, I am pro-life.  I studied embryology at university; I had a course on obstetrics and gynecology as part of my second degree studies.  My first child was in the womb at that time and my wife and I followed the development keenly throughout her pregnancy.

A close friend from the Oceanside area recently sent me a recording of her grandchild’s heartbeat in the womb, 160 beats per minute; they are excited about the arrival of a new grandchild.

Many Canadians do not realize that Canada has no law on abortion. There is no prohibition on abortion at any stage of development.

Since there are no restrictions at all, we have the most liberal abortion regime in the world.  There is no prohibition on a young woman using abortion as birth control, six to eight serial abortions; yes, it happens! And at taxpayers’ expense.

The Supreme Court left it to Parliament to resolve the issue. It remains unresolved. 

Freedom of religion and conscience are defined as fundamental rights under the Charter;
I am proud to be a member of a party that allows a free vote on matters of conscience or faith.

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