October 22nd Ottawa Under Attack

October 22nd Ottawa Under Attack So, we have just witnessed an unprecedented attack on the Parliament of Canada. Beginning with the murder of Canadian Reservist Nathan Cirillo on ceremonial guard duty at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a radicalized jihadist convert to Islam raced up the steps beneath the Peace Tower.  While we generally do not discuss what happens in caucus, suffice to say the Prime Minister was addressing the Conservative caucus when the first shot, followed by a rapid succession of shots and shouting, rang out down the corridor beyond the hall. How ....[click here for full story]

Health Canada – C. difficile Further Concerns – Promising Solutions Regulatory Failure – Policy Action

Health Canada – C. difficile Further Concerns – Promising Solutions Regulatory Failure – Policy ActionOTTAWA, On:  Further to information released on April 9 and April 30, today’s focus is on further concerns and promising solutions.  The Drug Safety & Effectiveness Network (DSEN) report of 2012 confirms concerns about the strong association between common stomach medications and C. difficile infections (CDI). “If the regulator cannot or will not act in the public interest then it falls to policy makers to advance the public interest and adjust the mandate of the regulator.” Today, I wish to draw attention to research that further links these medications with increased risk ....[click here for full story]

Hospital Infections, Drugs, Deaths What is Wrong with Health Canada?

OTTAWA, On: In 2005, I was assured by the Health Minister of the day that Health Canada was actively investigating C. difficile deaths in Canadian hospitals and the relation to stomach acid suppressant drugs called Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs).   A study by the Canadian Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Program (CNISP) would get to the bottom of it.  It didn’t.  The study presented in 2007 failed to collect data on the PPI issue. (Amazingly it purports to be the most extensive review on the subject in North America and useful as a ....[click here for full story]

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